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Jen Pleasants and Ariana Beil Show The Love Designers

showtheLOVE™ inspirational jewelry is hand-sculpted by Northern California designers, Jen Pleasants and Ariana Beil, in a renovated goat shed topped with a living roof.

showtheLOVE jewelry is a conduit for awakening and activation. Our collection extends beyond aesthetics, each piece serving as a mindful ally in your spiritual journey. By blending healing crystals, sacred symbols, and affirmations, we handcraft jewelry that not only elevates your style but also awakens your spirit. As you wear these uniquely designed pieces, your intentions align with the energy they carry, ushering in a resonance that awakens your inner potential. Our high-vibrational jewelry isn't merely about outward expression; it's a reminder of the power within, nurturing your unique path of growth and intention. Moreover, 100% of profits support humanitarian and environmental causes.

showtheLOVE™' jewelry emphasizes positive affirmations, invokes high vibrations, and is crafted with certified fairmined, recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. We hope that by wearing showtheLOVE™, people will be inspired to 'show the love' for themselves, for others and for the Earth. 

XOXO Jen and Ari

Our Eco Commitment

showtheLOVE For The Earth! You can feel good about your purchase from STL, knowing that your piece was made with the Earth in mind. Our inspirational jewelry is manufactured by using recycled, certified fairmined metals, fair-trade precious and semi-precious stones. All gold-plated pieces are nickel-free and our diamonds are Kimberly Processed Certified and conflict-free.

Our packaging and printed materials are all made in the USA. We use FSC-certified, recycled, post-consumer waste, chlorine-free paper for our packaging. Our mailers are made from recycled fibers and post-consumer content. Our workshop is made from all reclaimed wood and materials from a salvage yard. It is insulated with recycled blue jeans and has a living roof on it to help reduce global warming.

Our Social Commitment

Gift box donation

showtheLOVE is committed to giving back. We have given over $60,000 to the following charities and we are currently giving the majority of profits to environmental, humanitarian and local causes: 

  • Farmlink
  • Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran
  • The People's Fund of Maui
  • Water.org
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Farmer's Footprint
  • Close the Gap CA
  • Comfort Cases
  • The Voter Participation Project
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Global Fund For Children
  • Woodside HS
  • Sacred Heart Prep 
  • The Art of Living
  • Crowd Pac
  • Rescue.org IRC
  • Global Giving
  • KindWorks
  • Epiphany
  • Harold Robinson Foundation
  • Bay Area Fire Fighters and Families
  • World Central Kitchen
  • Second Harvest
  • The Anne Frank Center USA
  • Palo Alto Children's Theater
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Safari Doctors
  • Free the Children
  • We.org
  • ACLU
  • Standing Rock

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