She Believed She Could- Karen Wilson

Our She Believed She Could’ Kickstarter campaign finally launched and I am  excited to get back to writing about women who are making a difference or who have overcome difficult circumstances.  Women who believed they could, so they did.

This month’s ‘She Believed She Could’ honoree, Karen Wilson is one of those people.  At first glance you might be impressed that Karen is CEO and Founder of Healthbox 360 a company that offers online managed programs bringing together doctors, nutritional therapists, fitness experts and accredited heath coaches to deliver real behavioral change and measurable results.

But what is more impressive to me is that she is a mom and runs her business despite suffering from a chronic disease.  Her suffering has fueled her passion to help improve UK chronic disease management , health and patient care.  Oh and did I mention she has a PhD in biochemical engineering? I can imagine that a lot of hard work and believing in yourself went into all of that!

We interviewed Karen and I hope you enjoy hearing what she had to say as much as we did:
STL: What or who inspires you?

KW: Women who, with grace, humility and strength, reach our into our world to make it a better place…

Nina Cassian (Romanian poet) who communicates how to transcend suffering and find beauty beyond pain

My good friend Clare Latham who died of melanoma last year leaving three children under 8 and touched everyone around her through her incredible, positive spirit, wicked sense of humour and faith in something greater than all of us.
All mothers who hold the shape of the future  int heir homes and affect by raising children with strong social values and a great sense of self.

Women who smile and laugh and help others do the same…

STL: What is your favorite STL piece and why?

KW: Feed the Wolf…because we all have a choice about what we present to the world and how we affect those around us. And…
because they’re to die for…the gorgeous Ripple Effect earrings – from a tiny ripple a huge wave can form.

STL: What is your favorite quote?

KW: Catch you on the flipside…
…because what else is there to say to Mission Control as you travel to the dark side of the moon and lose sight of our world?

STL: What is one piece of advice you would give to other women?

KW: Support each other; women working together can move mountains.

STL: What is one thing no one knows about you?

KW: I don’t have enough self-confidence…it’s all bravado…

STL: I wish I knew how to…

KW: Be braver with a big smile on my face…whatever’s happening.

STL: My favorite cause is…
KW: Helping women isolated by disease reconnect with themselves and the world.

STL: If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be and what would you order?

KW: Richard Branson…lobster!

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