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‘Let’s Talk’ About Something Other Than The Weather


A very special part of our signature Conversation Piece collection, this necklace is all about getting real, going deeper and having more meaningful exchanges with those you meet. At STL jewelry we believe jewelry has the power to begin conversations, and some of those conversations just may change your life. Inscribed with “Let's Talk About Something Other Than The Weather,” this piece hopes to encourage amazing connections between people.

Made with either Recycled Brass or Sterling Silver with Brass

Designer's notes: How many times have you had to make small talk with someone and you find yourself talking about the weather? Mindless small talk drives me nuts so lately when talking to people at parties I have been trying to ask deeper questions than what people usually expect. I love learning about people's life views, their ideas on making a difference or what they would like to be doing if they could and it has sparked some amazing connections that I would not have found otherwise. So much more fun than the typical cocktail party chit-chat. Try opening with this and see where it gets you. 


necklace length guide

  • jewelry made from recycled brass or silver plated brass
  • necklace hangs to 16 inches
  • pendant is about 2 inches in diameter
Weight 0.10 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm


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