Our Eco-Commitment

shed living roof

Show The Love For The Earth! You can feel good about your purchase from STL, knowing that your piece was made with the Earth in mind. Our inspirational jewelry is manufactured by using recycled metals, fair-trade precious and semi-precious stones. .All gold-plated pieces are nickel-free and our diamonds are Kimberly Processed Certified and conflict-free.

Our packaging and printed materials are all made in the USA. We use FSC-certified, recycled, post-consumer waste, chlorine-free paper for our packaging. Our mailers are made from recycled fibers and post-consumer content. Our workshop is made from all reclaimed wood and materials from a salvage yard. It is insulated with recycled blue jeans and has a living roof on it to help reduce global warming.

Our eco consciousness is even deeper seeded than this! For the last five years, founder Jen Pleasants ran an eco-blog, SHOWTHELOVE.COM, and wrote a book called Bag Green Guilt, available on Amazon. We remain dedicated to helping educate others on how to tread more lightly on our Mother Earth.