Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Jewelry made from recycled sterling silver, and 14kt gold plated or rose gold plated

By Teri

I have worked for the past 6 years to create a Spiritual practice, where I inspire others. This practice has been blessed & has grown tremendously; on Facebook we just reached 2.1 million fans!!! Not bad for a “one woman show”, if I don’t say so myself.

I want to expand, reaching even more people with my messages of love & light, but as I said, this is a single-person effort & it would be a challenge, even for a team. That brings in a LOT of issues for me… mostly about self-confidence. How can one person, working out of her converted dining room, reach millions of people & spread a message of love? Who am I to do something like this? Shouldn’t it be someone who is more worthy, worldly & knowledgeable?

I’ve want to do more – video classes, radio programs, speaking engagements, nationally published books – but never believed that I could. So, I saw your ring, “She believed she could, so she did!” & it certainly struck a chord with me! I now wear one of these beautiful silver rings on my right hand at all times, flanked with the adorable Celestial Bliss rings, as a reminder that I CAN do this… & I will!

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