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Fairmined 14K Solid Gold Balance Ring

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The design of this ring embodies a sacred trinity of spiritual harmony. Its design whispers the essence of prioritization, mindfulness, and adaptability. Embrace its presence as a gentle reminder to honor your priorities, nurturing the soul through mindful self-care and gracefully adapting to life's rhythms. Like the three elements of this ring, may you find equilibrium within by aligning with what truly matters, nurturing your inner being, and flowing effortlessly with the changes life unfolds. 

Sterling silver ring with fairmined rose gold and gold.

TIP: Combine this piece with one of our stacking rings!

Fairmined is an initiative whose label certifies gold of responsible origin. It is a guarantee that it is a traceable gold, extracted with the best mining practices aimed at preserving the environment, and supporting the development of artisanal and small-scale mining communities. Learn more about fairmined here.