May 15

New Eco Sportswear

05-15-09-atayne.jpgThere is a new performance wear company to look out for.  Atayne makes great sportswear for men and women that is literally made from trash!  I love their it all the way to the bottom:

At Atayne, we use recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) and Cocona (activated carbon from coconut shells) to create our performance apparel. Our competitors might call that trash. We call it a treasure.cocona

Why do we do it?
It's better for people, better for the planet, and better for performance.
Plus, it is fun to tell people your clothing is made from trash.

We didn't like the story that was being written by the performance apparel industry so we decided to write our own. Our story starts with a pretty basic idea - we will never make a red shirt. Nothing against the color, in fact, we like red. It represents a lot of what we stand for - passion, vigor, and leadership. But to us it also represents everything that is wrong with traditional performance apparel. One red shirt opened our eyes to how the apparel industry sacrifices the safety of people and the planet to make products.

We don't necessarily know how the plot will turn out, but we know the general story line: put people and the planet first, and profits will follow. We think that is an ending everyone will enjoy.

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