Mar 16

Celebrate Green

book_hp_sept08.gifMy new friend, Lynn Colwell, and her daughter, Corey, wrote, Celebrate Green, a helpful book to teach folks how to make their celebrations more eco-friendly.  I bought six books, myself, as I thought they would make perfect hostess gifts!

And with birthday party season in full gear (both my boys are in April), I thought I would leave you with a few of their tips:

Top eco-tips for kids' birthdays

1. Use e-vites or have your child make invitations from recycled materials. If she can walk or bike to her friends' homes to hand deliver, all the better.

2. Aim for a 100% zero waste party. Get the birthday child in on the idea from the beginning and plan with him how to make it happen.

3. Focus on games and activities that cost nothing, but that kids enjoy. Depending on the child's age, the party's location and time of year, these can include variations on old favorites like musical chairs, hide and seek, "olympic events," and a variety of races.

For more ideas for birthdays and every holiday and celebration,

Top picks for birthdays

1. Eco-friendly party supplies  

2. Home made eco-friendly stickers for little guests, instructions here.

3. A gift and a cause can make your child's birthday more meaningful

For more ideas for birthdays and every holiday and celebration,

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