Feb 25

Non Toxic Wool Dryer Balls

dr.jpgI have been telling people for two years now that Nellies Dryer balls, and other knock offs that are on the market, are toxic and contain PVC even though their packaging claims they are non toxic.  They even got the Non Tree Hugger award in 2007.  But now there is a great alternative as the idea behind a dryer ball is a good one.  By using 4 balls in your dryer you can cut your drying time up to 45%, and you don't need to spend on fabric softeners! Read this:

"Finally, a natural, eco-friendly static reducer for your laundry! My sweet customers have been requesting a static reducer to use with my lavender dryer sachets, and I am so happy to now offer these!

These wool dryer balls feature:
**recycled 100% wool yarn, unravelled by hand from sweaters
**hand-wrapped around a firm, fulled wool core
**partially felted wool yarn exterior... the ball will felt more with use
**measure approximately 2 in. - 2.25 in. (5 cm - 5.7 cm) in diameter

**Just toss the wool balls in the dryer with your laundry as you would a commercial dryer sheet. 
**These wool balls work very well on cotton and natural fiber materials. 
**They are not as effective at reducing static on polyester fabrics. . . but then again, neither are the chemical-laden dryer sheets.
**You can use just one ball, but two (or more) may be even more effecive. My family just uses one, and the static in our laundry is greatly reduced. Other families use two, three or even ten, depending on their individual needs.
**These are comparable to the PVC dryer balls.
**Oh, and pets love to play with these!

♥ Completely compatible with the eco-friendly lavender dryer sachets available in my shop. ♥"

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