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Phoenix Heart Cuff


You are a survivor. You are a warrior.

You will conquer.

Anyone who has ever heard the diagnosis of cancer deserves a medal for his or her courageous fight against the disease, as do the caretakers and supporters who help with their battle. That is why we have designed our own version of a purple heart‚ a Phoenix Heart (r) to be worn with pride as a badge of honor for the bravest of warriors. The mythological phoenix is the perfect symbol as it represents rebirth.  Stamped on the back of the heart it says Rise Up! to inspire the wearer to, like the phoenix, rise up, be strong and take back your health.

A great gift for anyone you care about who is going through this life struggle or anyone you know, yourself included, who is a caretaker or who is standing in solidarity with the person suffering. The Phoenix Heart(r) a symbol of love and rebirth and rising up from the ashes!

100% of profits from each piece sold goes to cancer research. At checkout please note if you want your donation to go to Cancer Research Institute, Breast Cancer Coalition, or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (if none selected we will divide equally among the three).



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Recycled Sterling Silver and Brass


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