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Oct 8

LA's Smog Shoppe is Hip and Green

LA's Smog Shoppe is Hip and Green ||

This is a true story.  I went to LA for a wedding last weekend and driving from the airport to the hotel I noticed and unusual sign.  It said Smog Shoppe, but the word Shoppe was kind of busted up...

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Feb 19

Armani Grand Opening!

Armani Grand Opening! || armani,store,fifth avenue,grand opening,recession,struggle,celebrity,bloomberg,john mayer,caroline kennedy,victoria beckham

Good for Giorgio Armani for opening a new store on Fifth Avenue amidst this big recession!  Although it was probably in the works for a long time.  Despite the economy, there was no lack of star power.  I wonder if...

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Oct 31

Whole Travel

Whole Travel ||

Move over Expedia!  The last thing we want on a vacation is to sit and feel guilty for being at a resort that was built with no thought for the surrounding environment, or to feel guilty that they wash the...

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Aug 17

Not Just A Cool Building

Not Just A Cool Building ||

How cool is this building? It happens to be located somewhere between Toledo and Cleveland and is an  educational facility setting a shining example of sustainable building for ecological and human health. Completed in 2000, the Adam Joseph Lewis...

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Aug 12

Slugging - Carpool In D.C.

Slugging - Carpool In D.C. ||

What seems to be a strange sights on the streets of D.C. is actually a privately organized carbon friendly form of carpooling called slugging. The "slugs" is a term referring to the suburban commuters, looking to save time, money, and...

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May 7

Favorite Fast Food Chain?

Favorite Fast Food Chain? ||

How much do you love frozen yogurt?  Well, according to Trend Central the next "fast food" chain might just be your fav thing.  Yogurt-land is new, but it's the top self-serve yogurt chain. They feature a multitude of flavors...

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Apr 23


I was reading my friend Jane's site TrendCentral and it says that "Both shoppers and industry insiders are buzzing about this Floridian extreme sports retailer". While this may not be where you and I are going to shop, our...

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