Monster Protection

Little Monster Protector charms Jewelry made from recycled sterling silver

We have a wonderful 5 years old boy!!! …his name is Nils but we call him Sweety :0)
…he is the most lovely and helpful child to anyone you can imagine…he shares everything he has with others….
…he was in a kindergarten for almost a year…but most of the kids in his group teased him…he is a bit smaller than the others in his age…and therefore the others always teased him…
…we finally took him out of the kindergarten and still (this time is now almost a year gone) he is remembering this bad time and thinks about it often…
…one day, we discovered the homepage of “show the love” and we found the little monster protector necklace…he saw it and directly he has fallen in love with the “Barb”…
…we bought it for him and he said “Barb will protect me and from now on nobody can and will ever tease me” ….
THANK YOU “show the love” for making such a wonderful necklace and we wish you all the best!!!

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