Aug 5

Jack Johnson The Great Green Rock Star

jack johnson.jpgMy friend, Sandy, at Peaceful Daily just had the amazing opportunity of photographing Jack Johnson at his "To The Sea" kick-off tour (see photos above and below).  She told me it was the most 'eco' concert she had ever been to and that is not surprising considering Johnson, like showtheLOVE, is a member of One Percent for the Planet, and an ardent environmentalist (and surfer!). 'To The Sea' was recorded in his solar powered studio and released in eco-friendly packaging.  And just like in 2008, he will donate 100% of his profits to charity (unlike a certain, Wyclef, who has to be PAID to do a benefit concert! but that is another story!)

To read more about Sandy's amazing night with the mega green rock star, check out her article in the Huffington Post.

jack j.jpg 
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